The horrifying Kenyan story that has grabbed headlines in Uganda but gone unnoticed in Kenya

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In a case that bares chilling similarities to the countless cases of local girls whose experiences in Middle Eastern countries fill us with horror, yet are barely noticed in the place where they happened, a terrifying crime that happened in Kenya against a foreign national is barely making headlines. 

The incident has brought to the fore the disregard, coupled up with the priorities that top newspapers and media houses across the East African region give to different stories. 

This is the story of the rape and brutal murder of a Ugandan domestic worker which has barely made headlines here, but has been a major talking point in our next door neighbour’s press.  

The body of a Ugandan woman suspected to have been raped and killed was found in a house in Malaba town on Monday evening.According to the Sub County Police Commander David Muange, the body of the deceased girl who worked as a house help was discovered under her bed with her clothes torn although there were no visible bruises.

He said the owner of the house who runs a chemist and a hotel business had sent a boda-boda rider to take milk to the girl at around 4pm on Monday but when he reached the home he found the main gate to the compound was locked from inside.

“This prompted him to return to the house owner’s chemist to report that no one was at home. That is when the owner of the house went and opened the gate using a spare key. She was shocked to find the girl dead and tied under the bed,” Muange recounted.

He said the killers inserted a piece of cloth into the girl’s mouth to prevent her from screaming before she was killed. “We suspect she might have been killed before her body was pushed under the bed. The house has a very high perimeter wall around it and neighbours say no one can enter there during the day when the owner is away. It is very isolated that even if anything happened inside even the neighbours cannot know. It is only the house-help who stayed there during the day,”

Muange stated adding that some of the valuables stolen in the house include shoes and clothes belonging to the owner of the house, a TV set and a laptop.

He said the killers who might have been known to the girl may have opted to kill her to conceal their identity after stealing. 

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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