The heartbreaking downfall of former Calif records top star

In 1992 Sierra Leone president Joseph Saidu Momoh was leading a run down country, and waging war using poorly paid soldiers against Eastern based rebels. Having had enough, the barefoot malnourished soldiers, led by Valentine Strasser, marched to the capital to demand their wages. President Momoh saw them, thought it was a coup and fled. That is how Strasser, at just 25, became the world’s youngest president. He was overthrown four years later, and presently, he is a broke ex-president running a ramshackle Cyber Café in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Although his is the most incredible story of falling from grace, a Calif record’s former top Genge star now appears determined to outdo him.


Ten years ago, Ala-C of the Calif records stable was riding high. He was one of the top artistes in the country, and signed with arguably the biggest record label in the Eastern Africa region. By virtue of that, Ala-C was easily one of East Africa’s biggest singers. He was topping the charts with back to back singles like Kuwa na wewe which he did with Kendi, Barua also featuring Kendi, and Walking Class which did so well that Nonini requested a collaboration for the remix of the hit song.

Fast forward ten years later, and it’s hard to figure out what might have happened to the once promising star. Having gone for years without a top hit-song, Ala-C decided to change his style of music. Without warning, he suddenly began singing songs in his vernacular Kikuyu. The voice and face that for so long had represented urban pop music had suddenly gone rural. However, what Ala-C did recently appears to have now made his downfall complete.

A while back, Ala-C decided to put aside whatever was left of his pride, and began presenting a gossip show on PPP that drops the latest hot gossip on celebrities. As if this wasn’t enough, during the show, he recently got into a little to and fro with his co-host who doesn’t like Diamond much. Surprisingly though, Ala-C, in defending Diamond, went to the point of referring to Diamond as the King. It is sad to imagine that just a decade ago, when Ala-C was flying high with Barua, Diamond was struggling with Mbagala.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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