The gloves are off; Justin Muturi goes after Gideon’s father and Amos Wako in exclusive exposé

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi seems to have upped the stakes overnight, and decided to take his presidential bid a notch higher to a different level by dropping an unexpected bombshell. In a clear indication that he is ready and willing to take on his detractors head-on, speaker Muturi decided to address the recent scandalous stories that have been popping up from his past in a no-holds-barred revelation.

In a lengthy and detailed explanation, Muturi gave the entire genesis of his problems, and where he believes they originated from.

He was appearing on Citizen TV’s Newsnight, hosted by Waihiga Mwaura.

Waihiga asked him about the recent allegations that had popped up which insinuated he had been involved in a one million shillings scandal during his days as a magistrate, and was thus dismissed from the Judiciary dishonourably.
Muturi said that back then, he had just been transferred from Machakos to Nairobi, and had been given a house in Upper Hill.

Unbeknownst to him, there was a common, but illegal culture, where Judicial officers would go talk to the then president (Moi), and an arrangement would be made where houses would be irregularly allocated to them. He went on to explain that two Judicial officers, who he refused to name, decided to scheme for a certain house, still in Upper Hill, and included his name in their application without his knowledge.

Later on after he found out about this, he confronted the two men, and that was where he says his problems began. He was accused of asking for a one million bribe from a fellow that had been accused of misappropriating 143, 000 belonging to NHIF. Muturi laughed this off, wondering how someone could ask for a bribe that was ten times the amount in contention.

He said that he later won the case, but even then, the Attorney General at the time, Amos Wako, never stopped bothering him. He recalled that Wako went to the High Court with the case where it was dismissed, and tried again to take it to the Court of Appeal, but Muturi had by then resigned and joined politics.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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