The ferocious Ndii shows his humane side in touching gesture

His piercing eyes, stern gestures and the stone cold tone of his voice whenever he is passing across a point, or debating someone else on TV, have made him to be perceived by Kenyans as an emotionless and numb operator with probably no heart or feelings. However, controversial economist David Ndii has, in a touching and heartfelt gesture, not only shown his humane side, hitherto unknown to the public, but also proven that he is ready to go the extra mile to help out a brother or sister in need.

Yesterday, on his Twitter handle which enjoys a massive following of about a million users, the economist retweeted a tweet by a user going by the names Hon. Hillary Kipkoech, and whose online profile describe as a ”Political and Security analyst”. The heartbreaking and emotional post was about a small female child, and simply read,

Anyone who might have come across this young child to report to the nearest police post or station, she has been reported missing since Monday last week.

The tweet had with it a photo with further description. It said,

this is my dota ukimwona mahali please call me or any police station she left school on Monday and can not be traced till now.

Along with the brief plea was a telephone number of the said parent, and a picture of a little girl too.

In a show of care, concern and empathy, Ndii retweeted the post so that it could reach a wider audience through his many followers, and perhaps help resolve the dreadful nightmare that’s worrying the sad parent.

Although Ndii and his wife came back to Kenya from abroad courtesy of the Jubilee government, and its desire to procure their services concerning the economy, he nevertheless shot to nationwide fame following his dalliance with NASA, and Raila Odinga’s failed 2017 presidential bid. He is considered to have been among the radical elements within the group, who even advocated for secession from the unit Kenya by some regions.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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