The Covid vaccine is voluntary, except for one group; it will be traced and forced to take it.

Following the stringent Covid-19 regulatory measures which were put in place, and which were so strict that they even made things like wearing of facemasks a must, there had been widespread concern that the Covid vaccine would be made mandatory.

However, the government has since moved to assure Kenyans that the exercise will be voluntary, and no one will be forced to take it if he or she doesn’t want to. 

Nevertheless, the ministry of Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache dropped a bombshell this week, revealing that there’s a group that would have to be forced to take the vaccine, and the process would even entail tracing them. 

Mochache was speaking on ntv’s News at nine during an interview with Mark Maasai when she began by explaining that the vaccine comprises of two doses; the first one and the second one, which will be spaced eight weeks apart. Reiterating that taking of the vaccine is absolutely voluntary, she however clarified that once a person has made the decision to take the vaccine, there can be no stopping midway. As a matter of fact, she added, once someone receives the first dose, tabs will be kept on them, and when it’s time for their second dose, if they don’t turn up, they’ll be traced and made to take it. 

 Mochache explained the rollout process, saying that within the week, it is expected that the vaccine will be made available to county hospitals. Starting from next week, the vaccines are expected to start trickling down to level four and level three hospitals. There after, it is expected that as weeks go by, the vaccines will keep cascading lower and lower even more.

She also tried to assuage people’s fears of a repeat of the improprieties that happened at KEMSA, dubbed the KEMSA billionaires scandal. She said that procurement improprieties wouldn’t arise since the whole procurement process is being performed by UNICEF. 

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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