The cost of being Atwoli’s wife; Kilobi shares some of hubby’s unbelievable rules

Without a doubt, Francis and Mary are one of the most popular couples in the country. While one is an internationally renown trade unionist, the other one is a prominent TV presenter with one of the leading stations in the country. However, it has always been assumed that Francis Atwoli runs his house like a military barrack due to his dictatorial and overbearing tendencies, and now, it appears that this might indeed be the case after all.

Following an admission by Mary Kilobi, who happens to be his wife, it is now rather obvious that the COTU secretary general is a man that runs his family in the original African traditional sense.

All this surfaced during an impromptu after-news exchange between Kilobi and her colleague at SG, Hassan Juma. Germany was facing France that evening, and Hassan, who is a sports journalist, asked Kilobi which team she would be supporting. She said she was backing France, and admitted it was because of the black players such as Mbappe and Ngolo Kante.

After Hassan Juma teased her briefly for being racist, he asked her which team she supports in the premier league, to which she said Chelsea. He asked whether it was still the same team that Katibu, which is what he calls Atwoli, supports. She said no, admitting that his favourite team is Arsenal.

A surprised Hassan enquired as to how an Arsenal and Chelsea fan could share a house, and how it was that she ended up supporting Chelsea, yet Katibu is an Arsenal fan. It was at this point that Kilobi came out and admitted that although she indeed is an Arsenal fan, she first had to seek permission to support the team from her husband. It was pertinent she does this since, without his approval, it wouldn’t be possible for her to continue supporting the blues.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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