The chilling 3 word question that the killer asked Celestine Muthengei twice before killing her

Each time another femicide incident occurs, the most recent one always seems worse than the last one. Cases of jilted lovers killing their partners always appear to get more heinous with time.

However, the demise of Celestine Muthengei in the hands of a masked man may just happen to be the most brazen, if not callous.

Celestine Muthengei was a 19 year old student at Mt. Kenya University in Thika, and her killing didn’t take place in some secluded spot on some dark corner. Rather, it happened in her hostel in the full glare of her friends and associates.

In the aftermath of her brutal killing, her friends have come out to begin giving an account of the disturbing string of incidents which took place during the murder, and they are simply just troubling.

A shaken friend of the late Celestine who sought anonymity said that when it happened, they were just relaxing in the hostel, having one of their usual chats. She didn’t specify whether Celestine was the owner of the hostel, or just a guest.

The friend said that in the middle of their conversation, a strange man barged in. She didn’t explain what exactly happened after he entered, but it would appear that he had a small exchange with the girls because she said that Celestine stood up to introduce herself.

Another friend, corroborating this account, adds that before Celestine even finished, she man asked a short question but in a very serious tone; ulidhani stawai kukupata? (You thought I will never find you?). He allegedly asked this again one more time before taking a knife out of the pocket of his clothes and jumping on her.

Her friends said that they didn’t even know the man was stabbing her, and thought that he was just slapping her. They only realised later what had actually happened after the murderer had left.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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