The BBI vote was a two horse race; Raila and Uhuru were the horses.

In the run-up to the county assemblies debate of the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020, bodies which were considered amorphous such as the Thirdway Alliance, or Linda Katiba, were termed inconsequential, and the common saying was; It is going to be a two horse race. This was taken to mean that it would be a tussle between Ruto’s camp and the pro-BBI team led by Uhuru and Raila.

However, as it has now ended up turning out, while indeed the duel that has been witnessed at the county assemblies has been a two horse race, the two horses have ended up being Uhuru and Raila.

The political blitzkrieg that was visited upon the DP was not only swift but also surgical, and did face any kind of resistance or pushback in anyway.

Ironically, the whole episode has ended up being too easy to even be enjoyable.

Those who were rubbing their hands in glee in anticipation of an exciting battle have been left disappointed.

As county by county results began to trickle in, it started getting clearer and clearer that the count wasn’t between Uhuru-Raila counties and Ruto counties, but rather Uhuru allied counties and those allied to Raila.
The very first county to approve the bill was Siaya. This was quickly followed by Kisumu and Homa Bay.

Although Busia soon became the first county outside Luo Nyanza to pass the Bill, a pattern was by now falling into place. It began looking as if only those counties close to Raila were approving. Then came the first shock; West Pokot. A county in Rift Valley had approved.

But then, as if to neutralise the West Pokot factor, at around the same time, the very first county to reject the Bill had emerged, and it wasn’t just any county. It was Baringo. The home county of one of the senior BBI proponents.

However, after this, it quickly became hard to even remember the William Ruto factor in the equation. Laikipia became the first Mount Kenya county to pass the Bill. As more and more followed, people became more concerned with who between Uhuru and Raila had had gotten on board more counties.

To further confound observers, DP strongholds from the heartland of Kalenjin also approved the Bill.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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