The AG is usually a member of parliament!! Shocking display of ignorance by CJ candidate 

Day six of the Judicial Service Commission’s exercise of vetting candidates for the Chief Justice position yesterday bordered on the absurd during the vetting of Justice Mathews Nduma Nderi.
The Justice made some wild claims that were totally unexpected from a person of the Caliber of a judge of the Employment and Labour Relations Court. To back his impressive CV, Nduma Nderi also once served as the Judge President of the Industrial Court of Eswatini, when it was still known as Swaziland.
This strong resume made some to suggest that perhaps it was just a simple slip of the tongue when he said that the Attorney General sits in Parliament.
This caught the visibly stunned AG Paul Kihara off guard. Surprisingly, even after the panel sought clarification as to whether he was certain that the Attorney General actually sits in Parliament, he failed to correct himself, instead reiterating that he in fact does, and it might just be a problem with timelines.
Justice Nduma Nderi was also the first candidate to categorically oppose Chief Justice Maraga’s ruling of the 2017 election petition, after declaring, outright, that the former CJ was wrong.
Despite the fact that the ruling was from a majority vote by Judges sitting on the Supreme Court, Justice Nduma Nderi singled out the former Chief Justice and said that no Judge should ever do that.
He said that the law was very clear on the threshold required for a presidential election to be overturned, taking into consideration the voting process, transmission of the results, and tallying too.
On the issue of the Ombudsman, he said that if appointed Chief Justice, he would work with the ombudsman in areas which required their collective input so as to ensure that the Judiciary operated smoothly.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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