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OPINION The 14 million votes theory; a ticking time-bomb that IEBC must avoid

Although for some time now there have been fears that the country might witness chaos come next year’s general elections, it is likely that peace (or lack thereof) will depend on the figures that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission will release in their final list of registered voters. The exercise itself (Mass Voter Registration) kicked off a few minutes ago across the entire country. Already, a Mount Kenya governor said in a past interview that the region will have 10 million voters come 2022. Governor Kimemia was more liberal. He declared that in next year’s polls, they will have 14 million registered voters. These are very dangerous statements to make in a country where elections are emotive such as Kenya.

If indeed it shall be the case that IEBC comes up with a registered list of voters in which a single region of the country has more than 50% of the total registered voters, it might not auger well for the final outcome. Such figures will simply mean that even without uniting with any other region, the Mount Kenya region will be able to singlehandedly vote in a candidate of their choice.

To be fair, the recent concluded census did indeed find that Kikuyus were the majority in the country. However, their numbers do not go hand in hand with the astronomical figures that have been thrown around by Mount Kenya governors.

In the final report from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) the Kikuyu community is listed as the most populous in the country with a population of 8,148,668.

The Luhya community comes a close second with a population of 6,823,842 followed by the Kalenjin which has a tally of 6,358,113 people.

Kamba and Luo communities take position four and five with populations of 5,066,966 and 4,663,910 respectively.

The Kenyan Somalis take position six with a population of 2,780,502 followed closely by the Kisii with a population of 2,703,235.

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