Terrified woman Felista Musau reveals why Masten Wanjala was likely to come for her first

Shaken and terrified, Felista Musau was besides herself with worry. Although the escape of now dead self-confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala had caused unease to many people and the entire country at large with regard to the safety of their children, this had been more so in the case of Felista. In the midst of her anguish, she opened up on her activities with the suspected serial killer on the days leading up to his arrest and why she was convinced that he had been bound to definitely come after her before he went for anybody else.

Felista Musau Wayua a mother of four, narrated how her son simply vanished.

Musyoka, who had returned home from school that day, was a big soccer fan and often played with other children at an open field near his home. It was after a football match that Musyoka failed to return home on the material day.

After unsuccessfully searching for him in the neighborhood, Wayua reported the matter to police who promised to conduct investigations. But then came the strange phone calls, she says, from a man who claimed to have abducted Musyoka.

The caller demanded Sh50,000 to release the boy. Wayua, who ekes a living from menial jobs such as washing clothes in her neighborhood, could not raise the amount. She pleaded with the man to release her son, in vain. Her only hope was that DCI officers at Shauri Moyo would help rescue her son from his captors.

Jecinta Nduku, Wayua’s sister-in-law, travelled from her rural home in Masii, Machakos County, to help in the search. Nduku said at first, she thought the callers were conmen out to exploit their plight. But things became scary when the caller warned them that he would kill the boy.
“We could not raise the amount that they wanted. We only kept briefing the DCI, hoping that our son would be rescued,” said Nduku.

Her cooperation with the police was a turning point in the case and greatly helped to trace and locate the suspect. She lamented that Masten Wanjala knows where they live and knows about her cooperation with the police. Her worry was that the man who murdered her son might come back to harm her too.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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