Terrified singer Vivian throws Eric Omondi under the bus, praises “bully” Ezekiel Mutua

In a heartbreaking display of the kind of chocking stranglehold that KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua has on the industry, a shaken and intimidated Vivian threw fellow creative Eric Omondi under the bus, and praised Dr. Ezekiel Mutua with glowing terms. In the shameful show of sycophancy, Vivian literally kissed the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO’s feet, going to an extent of calling him divine, and proclaiming that his authority comes from none other than God himself.

Vivian is famous for hits such as Chum Chum, and Chingi Changa,, not to mention massive collabos such as Charm with Ugandan musical demigod Jose Chameleon, and Dream with singer turned politician, Jaguar.

The singer had been invited last night by James Smart as part of his show’s ”With All Due Respect” panel. Alongside her were the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, Aga Khan provost Dr. Alex Awiti, and analyst, Mwende Ngao.

It had been expected that as a colleague to Eric Omondi in the creative industry, Vivian was going to stick up for him when she came face to face with Dr. Mutua, after the agonising experience that Dr. Mutua took Eric through as he tried to produce his popular show, Wife Material.

However, to the utter shock and consternation of everyone, when Vivian began to talk, the clearly cowed and intimidated singer all but fell to her knees, showering the CEO with praises. She said that an impression suggesting Ezekiel Mutua was unpopular among the youth had been created. She said that Dr. Ezekiel Mutua deserved to be accorded his due respect because authority comes from God, and that meant that his authority was from God.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, who was just a grin away from blushing, basked in the glory, repeating Vivian’s words and saying that it was indeed true he was not unpopular, and that this was simply just a version trying to be manufactured.
Nevertheless, Mutua didn’t have an absolute free path, and faced some resistance from the brave Mwende Ngao, who stood up to him and challenged him on a range of issues.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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