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Tension high in Congo as fire razes election kits ahead of General Elections

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It seems that the motherland will never know peaceful elections as yet again there is drama unfolding ahead of General elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was going to be a landmark election for the people of Congo as this was the election that would see the replacement of Joseph Kabila who has ruled the Congo from 2001 after the assassination of his father Laurent Kabila. The 2018 Elections have been postponed as  the Independent National Election Commission (CENI) announced that the election will be held on 30th December 2018.

The Congo elections have been pushed ever since 2016 amidst political turmoil and one of the deadliest Ebola outbreak. President Kabila was to also step down in 2016 but clinged onto power refusing to step down and tried to change the constitution to extend his tenure.

Earlier in December a blaze razed the CENI warehouse which razed the election material kits including thousands of voting machines.

There is high tension in Congo as the government continues to crackdown on the opposition,media,the church and human rights activists.

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