Tanzania’s President Suluhu criticized for calling women footballers “flat-chested” and “unsuitable for marriage”


Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan has come under fire for remarks about women footballers having ‘flat-chest’ and suggesting that they would not be attractive candidate for marriage.

She made these remarks while hosting the county’s under 23 men’s national team to celebrate their victory in the regional football tournament, where ironically she also called for better funding for women’s football.

“If we bring them here and line the up, for those with flat chest, you might think they are men not women,” she said.

“And if you look at their faces you might wonder… because if you want to marry, your want someone who is attractive, a lady who has the quality that you want,” she added.

The president futher appealed to Tanzania Authorities to ensure the future of sports people is well secured along after they have hung their boots from the sports arena, adding that most of those that had retiree are struggling to make ends meet.

Hassan comment on women footballers were widerly derided online.

“The comments by President @SuluhuSamia on women is a humiliation to all women,” said Catherine Ruge, the head of the women’s wing of the opposition chadema party and a former mp.

“What she says is not true!! She has genarilzed without facts regarding women athletes their flat chest and their not having beauty and regarding their marriage prospecs!! Said Harry.

“I would appreciate if we men would be asked of our female chest and size and appearance and even breast sizs preference and not generalizing that is shameful to have line over papayas! “. The Ukubwa was matiti is subjective….or is NumerousUno preaching fetish?” Said Dan Nkurlu.

Hassan, who took office is n March after the sudden death of her predecessor John Magufuoi, is the only current serving president alongside Ethiopian President Sahla Wark Zewde.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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