Tanga Tanga MPs outraged after finding out MP Kuria was facilitated by the State to go to Bomas

There is unpalatable tension in Tanga Tanga wing of Jubilee Party after members came to a conclusion Gatundu South MP could be a State operative in their camp. This is after finding out the Gatundu South lawmaker apart from DP Ruto, was the only Tanga Tanga leader who was invited to the BBI launch at the Bomas of Kenya and was paid 100K by the Office of the President.

A number of MPs allied to William Ruto are wondering why Kuria was the only one invited to the launch and how he got an invitation card, which was being handled with strict instructions from the State. After many months of speculation, they now believe Kuria is covertly working with the government inside Ruto’s camp.

”They believe soon enough Kuria will eventually dump Tanga Tanga and publicly shame them by exposing their evil political tactics of hatred and division,” our mole confided to this writer.

This suspicion was evident on Thursday when Deputy President men in Mt Kenya deliberately failed to invite Kuria to accompany DP to Kangema and Othaya yesterday. This prompted the Gatundu South lawmaker to publish his own posters and distribute online, with his image alongside that of DP William Ruto, and the remaining MPs pushed at the back.

It is believed it was DP Ruto who personally asked Kuria to accompany him yesterday morning. The DP has apparently told his handlers that close to 2022, they should expect more Mt Kenya tanga tanga leaders to finally go back home in order to defend their seats.

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    Written by The Kenyan Report

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