Tanga Tanga MPs expose plot to have them arrested hours to Mashujaa day celebrations

Barely hours into the Mashujaa day celebrations scheduled for tomorrow, a section of the DP Ruto’s Tanga Tanga allied MPs have come out crying foul stating that authorities are hunting them.

The legislators have expressed their concerns and worries of a plot to have them arrested and locked in before and during the Mashujaa day celebrations.

Led by the South Mugirango Member Parliament Silvanus Osoro, the legislators claim, the police are hounding them, and that their lives are in danger.

Osoro, one of the DP’s Ruto’s point man in Kisii said that there are plans by police officers to arrest him ahead of the Mashujaa Day celebrations scheduled to happen at the Gusii Stadium in Kisii County.

The law-maker stated that the security officers considered him a threat to security for the Mashujaa day event to be presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta, hence hunting him down to avert a perceived disruptions of the national event..

Taking to the social media, Osoro posted that the orders to arrest him were issued “from above” and he was among the group labelled “unwanted guests”.

“I hear am being hunted by cops on ‘orders from above’ over imagined plan to ‘storm’ Gusii Stadium on Tuesday with people they call unwanted guests with the aim of disrupting a state function,” Osoro alleged.

He however, dismissed the allegations as false, further claiming the event was being used by some state officers from the region to intimidate leaders who hold divergent political views.

“Anyway, your plan is, get me in tonight and have me spend three nights in the cells as you ‘think of charges’ to frame against me on Wednesday (being that the next court date is then). Bora mashujaa iishe Osoro akiwa ndani (as long as Mashujaa Day ends when Osoro is in custody) to make some senior government official feel powerful,” he claimed.

He also stated that he is an advocate of the high court and he respects the law and therefore would not initiate such plans of disrupting a national function presided over by the head of state.

“I am an elected leader, an advocate of the high court of Kenya and well conversant with the importance of state functions and with a lot of respect to the president of Kenya,” Osoro stated.  

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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