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Tanga Tanga MP attacks David Murathe with embarrassing remarks [Video]

The political animosity between Tanga Tanga and Kielewekeke factions in Jubilee party has gone a notch higher, with a Tanga Tanga MP launching embarrassing attacks on Jubilee Deputy chairman David Murathe.

In a video circulating on social media, Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa dismissed the party’s vice-chairman David Murathe as a member of a criminal gang.

“We are following the directives of criminal gangs called David Murathe who I am sorry to have engaged him because from my community we don’t engage that kind of people.” Said Barasa.

Barasa added that the former Gatanga MP is an irresponsible man who has abdicated his duties at home and other hustlers have stepped in to support.

 According to Barasa, Murathe is “a person who drinks and smokes and abdicates his duties” and is “a man of no doing in his own house”. 


He also questioned his sexual orientation.

 “Unajua kuna wale watu wengine ambaye ni mwanaume lakini …anataka tu mwanaume mwenzake. Ukimpeleka kwa wamama hiyo mnakosana. Hata kama yeye ni mwanaume na ako na mama. Unajua iko Mungu vile aliumba vile ile maneno ingine inatakikana ifanywe”.  Fired the lawmaker.

The Tanga Tanga lawmaker stated that it is regrettable that he engaged a man who smokes and drinks adding that a ritual would be necessary to cleanse him.

” I am told he is a man of no doing in his own house. If you are a man of no doing I am told by the people who work on his own fence those who assist in those other sectors. Those kinds of fellas us we don’t engage them in my community.

“When I go home I think the wazees are going to summon me, which I will heed their advice… I will purchase a black goat that they will slaughter for engaging a person of no doing, a person who abdicates his bedroom duties and being assisted to do so by the hustlers who are working.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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