Surprise as Omanga showers praise on Raila’s father.

In an unexpected deviation from his UDA party leader Dr. William Ruto who appears to have a problem with the lineages of the founding fathers, and refers to them as wadosi, nominated senator Millicent Omanga had kind and adoring words for the country’s first Vice-president, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga .

In her brief tweet, Omanga suggested that the ambitions and goals which Jaramogi had for the country after exiting KANU and starting the Kenya People’s Union were aimed at heading the country to the right place.

This was nevertheless not entirely done without a dig at her favourite target, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. She said that the current Azimio La Umoja is a sorry copy of the initial Azimio by Jaramogi. She then posted a photo of Jaramogi’s original Azimio titled Azimio La Wananchi, below which was written, Mipango ya chama cha Kenya People’s Union.

Omanga’s tweet read,
Millicent Omanga
The current Azimio is a horrible regurgitation of the original Azimio.

Below this was the original slogan; AZIMIO LA WANANCHI Mipango ya chama cha Kenya People’s Union

Raila Odinga has maintained that his Azimio drive is meant to unite Kenyans while his archrival, the deputy president, has argued that it’s a ploy to divide Kenyans into tribal enclaves.

In 1957, Jaramogi became the political spokesman of the Luo. The same year, he was elected member of the Legislative Council for the Central Nyanza constituency, and in 1958 he joined the Kenya African Union (KAU). He was amongst the founders of the Kenya Independence Movement in 1959, and in 1960, together with Tom Mboya he joined Kenya African National Union (KANU). When Kenya became a Republic in 1964, he was its first Vice-President.

As Vice-President he did not agree with Jomo Kenyatta’s government. Allegedly, while Odinga had called for closer ties with the People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union and other countries of the Warsaw Pact, Kenyatta was in favor of approaching the United States and the Western bloc. This led to Odinga resigning from his post and quitting KANU in 1966 to form the Kenya People’s Union (KPU).

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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