Supremacy Battle Between Sonko And Joho Almost Ruin Azimio Rally In Mombasa

Supremacy Battle Between Sonko And Joho Almost Ruin Azimio Rally In Mombasa

Chaos briefly rocked Raila Odinga’s Azimio rally at Mkomani in Mombasa after former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s entry.

Sonko’s vehicles arrived at the Mkomani venue of the rally at around 3.30pm.

Two of his vehicles attempted to make their way to the opposite side of the crowded venue while different aspirants were introducing themselves.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho had to interrupt the introductions several times as he addressed the drivers not to move the vehicles.

As former Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba, who wants to recapture his old seat, stood to speak, the crowd, upon noticing the occupants of one of the vehicles was Sonko, started chanting his name.

Joho tried to calm the crowd down but the noise levels kept on rising, as Sonko’s vehicle kept on advancing through the crowd.

All hell broke loose after stones were seen flying amongst the crowd, forcing the police to step in as they fired into the air to try and disperse a section of the crowd that was getting increasingly unruly.

Sonko’s vehicles then turned as the crowd scattered.

On their side, Kenyans had the following to say about Sonko’s Mombasa incident:

“Driving a car into a packed crowd Is a no.Stupidity of the highest order..He almost knocked people…”

“Why was he coming late? Sonko is not for PEACE..even in presidential dias All leaders must be seated before president arrived to create order…. its quite unfortunate.why arrives late?”

“That man thrives on chaos,war and insecurity. If only Mombasa people knew!”

“Wiper is messing all this,hide and seek games,wiper and odm are partners in Azmio-one kenya alliance then Kalonzo imposed sonko in msa yet Nassir was already there!!!”

“Sonko did something wrong, he should have come by foot and not trying to outshine anyone. Akwende huko!”

“If sonko genuinely wanted to join Baba in this rally, he should have joined earlier and not when everyone is seated. A breach of protocol aimed at creating chaos.”

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    Written by Kizito Olengo

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