Stories that looked like fool’s day hoaxes but weren’t; Guess who actually tabled pandemic bill 2021 in Senate

While it is a known fact that Kenyan politics is rarely void of drama, every so often comes along an incident that is simply just too insane even for the usually chaotic local scene.

In a move that is bound to cause, not just amusement but also lots of raised eyebrows and gasps, a bill has been tabled in parliament by the most unlikely of proposers.

Granted, the bill itself contains sections that will come in handy for a majority of Kenyans. One such section is the part that suggests a provision which will allow state agencies to tamper with budgeted projects in the event that a pandemic occurs and affects people in a way that necessitates government to offer financial help which will cushion them from such adverse financial effects.

The mover of this Bill, interestingly, is none other than the Nairobi Senator, Johnson Sakaja.

This comes as a shocker following his disgraceful conduct last year that saw him arrested, and spend the night in a Nairobi cell. On top of this, he has been mentioned in the KEMSA scandals.

Few would have expected him to continue playing any role in the pandemic

Sakaja was arrested for flouting Covid rules after he was found drinking past curfew hours in a Kilimani inn called Ladies Lounge which was at first said to be a brothel although subsequent reports later disproved this version.

When he was taken to a Kilimani Police Station, he got unruly, threatening to have the cops that had arrested him transferred. Later on that night, he completely denied having been arrested, demanding that anyone saying anything to the contrary provide the OB number that his name was written under.

Although he ended up owning up to everything he had done and apologised, it appeared his goose had already been cooked, as he was left with no option but to resign as head of the ad-hoc covid committee in the Senate.

The Bill that Sakaja has tabled also seeks to make it mandatory for banks to readjust the interest rates charged on loans during pandemics. It further seeks to stop banks from charging interests on the principal amount.

Sakaja, speaking to the media yesterday, said the Bill seeks to protect lives, but then also protect livelihoods.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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