Statistician explains how posts will be shared in UDA to avoid a Waiguru-Ngirici showdown

Tuesday witnessed a seismic shift in the political scene, with the defection of Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru from the ruling Jubilee party on which she was elected to the United Democratic Alliance party, closely linked to the deputy president. In the aftermath of this event, the political sphere has been rife with speculation that there’s an impending fallout in UDA occasioned by an inevitable standoff between governor Anne Waiguru and her nemesis, Kirinyaga Women Representative Purity Ngirici. However, a top statistician is now revealing how the Deputy President intends to split the posts and make everyone happy without the much feared fallout.

Felix Marucha, a statistician and financial advisor with a leading firm in the country says contrary to the widely held belief that Waiguru will be seeking reelection as governor for a second term, she will actually be running alongside William Ruto as his running mate in their quest for the presidency. With this eventuality, Marucha opines that the gubernatorial seat will be left for the current county’s Women Representative, Purity Ngirici. Felix wrote on his Twitter handle,

Felix Marucha
Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru defecting to UDA wasn’t if but when… Few yrs back DP Ruto hinted on having a woman as Dp if he ascends to power. Waiguru will deputise Ruto and Ngirici will be battling it out against martha karua for gubernatorial seat.

A while back even before Waiguru had joined the Deputy President’s camp, Ngirici had already fired a warning signal, saying that a Waiguru entry could end in her leaving UDA.

The first-time lawmaker warned that she was ready to quit UDA should the party hand Waiguru the party’s nomination on a silver platter.
Ngirici noted that she is not tied to UDA as a goat and can leave anytime she feels she is not treated fairly. Ngirici who has already made clear her intention to unseat Waiguru noted that she is not afraid to compete with the governor in any political arena.

“I am not afraid of any possible competition from Waiguru, who is still listening to… the ground,” Ngirici said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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