StanChart Bank Sets Eyes On The Lucrative Mobile Lending Platform

The mobile lending apps have flooded the Kenyan market and they are making quite an awesome kill, the Standard Chartered Bank is plotting to pitch tent so as to tap into this ever demanding type of market.

The Micro lending platform is already crowded and competition in the space zone is going to be tight with the likes of unregulated credit only mobile apps such as tala and Branch and commercial bank-backed mobile loan apps such as KCB-M-Pesa, M-Shwari , Equitel, M-Co-op Cash , Timiza and Whizz.

The reason as to why mobile loans have ballooned in the recent past could be attributed to the suspension of unsecured personal loans by most commercial in 2016 giving room to this unregulated lending apps to steal the show!

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    Written by Albert




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