Speaker Justin Muturi now claims Deep State is threatening him for declaring his Presidential bid

Speaker of the National Assembly, Justin Muturi has claimed that he has been threatened by ‘Deep State’ following his 2022 presidential bid.

Speaking on Friday, September 10, 2021, Speaker Muturi stated that he is being threatened for prosecution together with leaders who have  vowed to support his presidential ambitions.

He told a congregation of elected and grassroots leaders from Mt Kenya East that he welcomed inquiries from government agencies into his work and lifestyle, adding that he has nothing to hide.

Muturi claims that they are being threatened over economic crimes by powers that be, often referred to as ‘Deep State’, and welcomed investigative agencies to probe him.

The Speaker, however, castigated the powers that be over the threats, noting that a democratic society cannot be operated on intimidation.

“All I want to say is, every Kenyan has a constitutional right to vie for any political office in this country. Let’s stop the intimidation of our people,” the Speaker stated.

“You can intimidate some people but you cannot intimidate all these people. This threatening people with opening files and investigations should stop. They can go ahead and write all they want. I stand with the leaders who are being intimidated for supporting me,” he added.

Muturi also told the leaders from Mt Kenya East that he does not have a lot of confidence in the national parties that most people want to use to ascend to the top seat in the country and assured them he will be announcing his party of choice soon.

“I JB Muturi hereby declare my candidature for the position of the President of the Republic of Kenya come 2022. Very soon I will also declare the party on which I will be running soon. Join me on this journey of bringing back integrity to Kenya,” the Speaker stated.

His declaration for the top seat has been met by mixed reactions, with some politicians from Mt Kenya West pouring cold water on his coronation as the region’s spokesperson.

As the debate over the legitimacy of his coronation continues to rage on, Speaker Muturi dared MPs seeking to remove him to take their best shot.

Muturi noted that he had not heard any lawmakers plotting to eject him, but challenged them to go ahead.

He further disclosed that he would stay put since he had spent more years in politics than a majority of the lawmakers.

“There is no impeachment of the speaker. The only option is for the Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence. We have the rules that are supposed to be followed and they are open. Whoever will hit the threshold should try,” the Speaker stated.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi

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