Sonko’s court drama continues; he fires Danstan Omari in the middle of the case.

While yesterday people were fixated on the emotional breakdown by Mike Mbuvi Sonko which saw him break down into tears when trying to narrate to the Judge the trials and tribulations he was undergoing, there was a lot more that was taking place, which was more dramatic.

The status of Danstan Omari as an employee to Sonko, and how this status dramatically changed without warning is one of these things.

Yesterday, the Judges and magistrate listening to Sonko’s case were forced to change their files and update their records after they were informed that Danstan Omari, who had been listed on their documents as part of the accused’s legal team, had just been fired and so the person representing him was John Khaminwa, assisted by George Kithi and Assa Nyakundi among others.

The firing of a lawyer unceremoniously in the middle of a trial is just but the latest in a string of intrigues that have pervaded the high-profile case.

The case itself was full of strange twists and turns yesterday. While it was expected that Sonko would be taken back to Kiambu Law Courts for a hearing of his trespassing and assault case, he was instead dragged to Milimani law courts for a hearing of his corruption charges. As the hearing was going on, suddenly a squad of fully armed agents from the antiterrorism unit poured outside the court. In the evening, the reason for their presence became clear. He was hauled away to Kahawa West Law Courts where charges of terrorism were opened against him. He was accused of appearing in regalia of an outlawed group alongside his bodyguard. He was also accused of importing and distributing material to a terrorist organisation. With this, he was then transferred to Kamiti maximum prison, from Gigiri.

This further complicates his hearing today where he’s expected to hear the Court’s ruling on his bail application.

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