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Sonko’s alleged lover Ann Mvurya defends him with powerful statement

Former University of Nairobi (UON) student leader Anne Mvurya has defended ousted Nairobi governor Mike Sonko against charges of terrorism.

Mvurya who hit the headlines over her alleged relationship with Sonko said the charges levelled against the former governor were politically motivated and selectively applied.

The youth politician argued the allegation by the prosecution that Sonko was in possession of military fatigue was unfounded and maliciously crafted, noting even Jubilee women leaders wore military regalia during campaigns and no action was or has ever been taken to date.

“In Kenya, we have politicisation of justice, justice is only being applied politically. If we had just in Kenya, the issues that are coming up against former governor Mike Sonko about robbery with violence, assault, military regalia and so forth could have come up earlier,” she said.

“When Jubilee government was campaigning for the second time, we saw women leaders wear military regalia as though they were going to fight, why haven’t they been charged?”

Mvurya also raised concerns over the decision by the court to delay the ruling on the ex-governor’s bail application, noting some powerful individuals were pulling the strings to ensure the suspect continues to suffer in the hands of the police.

She challenged the Judiciary to stand firm and refuse to be used by state operatives to deny citizens the justice they deserve.

“Bail is a right everyone should have and when the magistrate declines to give someone a bail, is it because they are waiting for a call from somewhere to tell them now you can release this person, now you can give him bail and it should be this amount,” she said.

“In Kenya we should have justice that is impartial, the Judiciary should be impartial and the magistrate should act without undue influence,” added Mvurya.

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    Written by James Mulanda




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