Sonko Opens Up on His Experience With The Wash Wash Gang

Weeks after blogger Edgar Obare did an expose in the dirty dealings involving money laundering and financial crime in the Country, former Nairobi County governor Mike Sonko has opened up on his experience with the gang.

The former Nairobi County boss has come out narrating how the crooks in the financial crimes and money laundering, infamously referred to as ‘Wash Wash’, tried to lure him into their criminal activities.

Taking to his social media account, the former County chief recalled how he was approached with very lucrative deals to join the financial offense and money laundering ring by the criminal gang.

The former governor recounts how the scoundrels who run the ‘wash wash’ businesses approached him, assuring him that he would make big money considering how smart he is for the maneuvers in the dirty game.

“I have been approached many times, ooh bro with your brains you can do very well. Ooh, you just need to dress smart and nail a deal and walk out a rich man,” part of his text read.

Sonko recalls being promised even a posh car in just playing along in one of the escapades to enable a deal go through.

“Oooh, I will give you a good car if the deal goes through,” Sonko stated, revealing that he turned down all the advances.

He went on to school the youths while warning them of the dangers tyo take part in the game, noting that any attempt to take part in the lead role would end tragically.

“You can’t cheat on big fish, and if you do they will not have a second thought on pulling that trigger,” he warned.

“you can’t outsmart them, you can’t tell of their secret businesses, they watch your life more than your mother watches you. What a life! You have money but have nowhere to spend because all your moves are watched. If not by them, the DCI is tracing your steps.”Sonko Added.

Sonko also pointed that the quick riches from the shady business will never last to see the light of the day.

“This wash wash business will give overnight riches but never last. And we can tell with excitement you have, you are not built to last,” Sonko remarked.

His candid advise comes barely a week after the Inspector General of police Hillary Mutyambai issued a statement on the same.

While speaking during the weekly #EngagetheIG forum on Monday, on August 30, Mutyambai stated that several individuals have been arraigned and charged over the issue of money laundering and economic crimes.

“We are aware of this and we have picked and arraigned several individuals in connection with the same. We also have a unit under DCI that deals with such and continues to nab perpetrators,” Mutyambai stated.


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    Written by Fred Orido

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