Sonko now told he was a good worker and would still be governor, were he not childish

The reasons that have been given for former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s ouster have been various, ranging from the official version of graft, and impending court cases, to the unofficial reason that the deep state, embodied by Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho, was behind his woes. Others have said that maybe his star was rising too quickly and some powerful people perhaps felt threatened by his meteoric rise.


Nairobi senator, and his one time opponent for the capital city’s gubernatorial seat, Johnson Sakaja, once, during an interview on ntv’s Churchill Live show, said that the reason Sonko had to be crushed is because he began challenging his boss.


However, now someone else has something to say to the former Makadara member of parliament, concerning the reason behind his fall.


Yesterday, Sonko, as his wont, was all over social media, updating post after post. Interestingly, he posted a photo of a young Jomo Kenyatta, and asked his followers who the man in the photo was, and if they recognise him. He also posted a picture of a youthful Raila Odinga, during his stint in detention during the 80s. Just like in the first photograph, he once again asked his followers who the man in the photo was, and if they could recognise him.


These two photos resulted in an avalanche of comments and replies. Some, of course, simply identified the two men, and wrote their names. Others identified them, and went ahead to either shower them with praises, or rebuke them after connecting them to the former governor’s woes.


However, one Twitter user in particular, going by the names mkenya daima, simply wrote,

You are quite idle, but kama ungewacha utoto ungekua gavana bado, though you were a good worker.

Although Sonko himself didn’t respond to the scathing attack, another user quickly did, and not to his defence, but rather to double down on the criticism, saying that Sonko had never been a good worker.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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