Sonko Invites DCI Kinoti To Probe Financial Malpractice At City Hall

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has now taken his fight with Members of the county assembly to the office of the Director of Criminal Investigations. Sonko wrote to the DCI to investigate dubious financial transactions in City Hall.

Sonko, through his spokesman, claims that some ward representatives pocketed Ksh 800, 000 for a trip to the United Arab Emirates that never happened. Speaking to the Star, Sonko’s spokesman alleged that the MCAs who sit in the Budgets and Appropriation Committee pocketed the aforementioned amounts and did not travel to Dubai.

“Payments from the exchequer were made to the respective bank accounts of the intended participants to facilitate their travel, as demonstrated in the copies of attached documents herein. “

“The Chairman of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, Robert Mbatia and his vice – chairman Michael Ogada alongside other members, never traveled despite being facilitated with public funds, ” Sonko said.

The accused MCAs have distanced themselves from the suspicious transactions. The Chairman of the Budgets and Appropriation Committee, Robert Mbatia, confirmed receiving the said amounts but claims he had asked his bank to return the money to the county since they did not make the trip.

“Money was put in my account on October 23. It was Ksh 823, 324. But on realizing the same, I instructed my bank to begin the process of sending back the money to its source and it was deducted on the same day, ” Mbatia wrote

This is viewed as a veiled attempt by the embattled governor to get back to the MCAs who impeached him last week. 88 MCAs out of 122 voted in favour of Sonko’s removal. The Jubilee governor is currently hanging on a thread. He is set to know the course his case will take when the senate sits tomorrow at a special sitting convened by majority whip Irungu Kangata. The senators will decide whether to hear Sonko’s case in a plenary session or through a specially constituted Committee.

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