Smart Joker narrates how a bunch of gun wielding hot slay queens robbed him during sex

Popular Churchill Show comedian Smart Joker put jokes aside and narrated a scary incident which he claims took place in Kinoo back when he was still a wild bachelor who would go around picking any lovely girl that he met out there.

Smart Joker was talking during an appearance on Churchill Show’s Journey Series which was hosted by his colleague and boss too, Churchill.

Talking about how he met his wife, he narrated that he was part of a group of comedians who Churchill himself had taken to Meru for a series of shows, and had even paid accommodation for. While in a Meru hotel, he noticed a beautiful waitress among the others that were serving them, and immediately told his fellow comedians that the young lady was going to be his wife, but they thought he was joking.
When she was through with her shift, Smart Joker quickly approached her, after which they got to know each other better, and as one thing led to another, they started a romantic relationship. Although the long distance was a problem at first since Smart Joker stayed in Nairobi while his love interest was in Meru, they still maintained a relationship.
The comedian hilariously narrated how he finally got her to quit her job and move in with him in the city.

Admitting that staying with his wife has changed his life, he recalled an incident where he had gone to the bank and withdrawn a wad of banknotes to enjoy himself with. He then picked some beautiful young women with who he went to Kinoo. When he was in bed with one of them, she pulled out a gun and called her friend.

He remembered to mention that he was still naked at the time. They forced him to give them all the money he had withdrawn. Interestingly, they even recognised him. Taunting him mockingly, they enquired whether or not he was actually Smart Joker, the popular Churchill Show comedian.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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