SK Macharia drops list of Mt. Kenya tycoons working behind the scene with Raila

During yesterday’s meeting at the Safari Park Hotel where Raila Odinga met a group of businessmen from the Mount Kenya region referring to themselves as the Mount Kenya Foundation, (MKF), Royal Media Services boss and Citizen TV’s owner SK Macharia went ahead to reveal a list of tycoons who he disclosed, he has been working with in his quest to package Raila Odinga well in the region.

In his speech, the first person he mentioned was George Muhoho.

Muhoho is a son of Chief Muhoho and his wife Nyokabi, brother to Mama Ngina Kenyatta.
In 1971 he was appointed as the first black African diplomat to the Vatican embassy attache at the EU in Brussels.

President Moi appointed Muhoho in the Cabinet and appointed him successively with the post of education, tourism and technology minister. In 1991 he left the KANU and joined as a founding member of the Democratic Party of Mwai Kibaki.

In 2004, he was appointed by Kibaki appointed director of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) and has been responsible for the development and also the safety of the Kenyan Airports.
Second on SK Macharia’s list was Joseph Kaguthi.

Kaguthi, a former Provincial Commissioner during the Moi era is among a group of Nairobi investors that famously put up a Sh7 billion into an 18-floor twin-block housing project in Nairobi’s Westlands.
Mr Kaguthi’s investment vehicle, Westlands Skye Development Limited, which brings together a number of Nairobi professionals, seeks to provide modern office space for companies on one block and high-end homes on the other.

The third person that SK Macharia mentioned remains a mysterious individual. He termed a certain Edna, but didn’t proceed to give a second name or even specify who exactly this Edna lady is.
MKF vice chairman Titus Ibui disclosed that the President met the wealthy club members in Sagana, Nyeri county last year and sought their help in identifying a ideal person to take over in 2022.

“The President asked us to advise him on what type of person he should hand the mantle to,” he said.

As part of the ongoing search, the influential foundation will on Friday meet the One Kenya Alliance as part of the broader scheme to identify Uhuru’s successor.

“We will listen to all candidates; today we have started with Raila, on Friday we will come back here to hear from the OKA team,” Ibui said.

“Once we have gone through the interaction, we will sit down to choose who we relate with and then take the name to the President.”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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