Singer Willy Paul Springs Into Immediate Action After Sex Expose

Celebrated Kenyan gospel singer Wilson Ouma Opondo popularly known has Willy Paul has sprung into immediate action hours after his former employee entangled him in a sex scandal on numerous occasions.

Willy Poze has today Wednesday September 1, 2021 cracked the whip on his former signee Miss Pisacah alias Miss P thereby deleting her official Instagram account that was being Managed by his Record Label Saldido.

A search on the account currently yields a no longer available results just hours after the songstress levelled the damning allegations against her former boss cum mentor.

“Sorry, this page isn’t available.

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram” reads the message when you try to access Miss P’s Instagram page.

During her interview with presenter Ali, the mentee mentioned that she had never handled that she had never handled the account while under Willy Paul’s management.

“I have never had access to that account, initially I was okay with it …but ilifika point how they were posting my pictures and the caption haikunibamba prompting me to ask for the account to manage it myself and they did not take it well. Sasa hivi sijaitisha ile account and don’t even need it because even if I want it am sure they won’t give it to me…right now I have a new account you can follow me there” explained Miss P.

Miss P noted that the gospel artiste sexually abused and harassed her on numerous occasions months after signing to his record label.

Miss P continued that she sought the intervention of her mother after it was going overboard, as she needed medical intervention to avoid getting pregnant.

“He forced me to have sex with him, not once not twice. I had to tell my mum because I had to get medical attention because I don’t know this person, sijui tabia zake. had to seek held and my mum helped me Alhamdulillah, otherwise at this very moment ningekua nimesha jifungua or I would be nine months pregnant with his child… He forced me to have sex with me na alikataa kutumia protection, not once not twice,” said Miss P in part.

She noted that even Willy Paul would continue in the same trend even after her mother intervened and the boss talking to her behind her back during the stressing period.

“After my mum knew, mimi in my mind I was battling with thoughts za nirudi ama nisirudi, nina stress, why is this happening to me ile trauma and then he made the point of coming to our home to talk to my mother. I don’t know what they talked then after things went on like nothing happened…the I was like what have you given my mum…she was like be carefully isikufanyikie tena” explained

She would then start developing feelings for Willy after they failed to have a thing for over 4 months, after he talked to her mother.

“He didn’t touch me again from there again… four months we did not have sex or anything but in between he will be like Nakupenda, nataka uwe wangu…but I used to tell I don’t want a relationship especially with him…I used to tell him we cannot mix business and pleasure…so zile 4 months hanishiki hatufanyi anything i started developing feelings for him and I was like oengine huyu mtu ananipenda ya ukweli alafu ananikumbusha mara kwa mara that it’s not just sex” she said.

The songstress went on to note that though protective the gospel artist was doing it in a weird way that has left her more of an island.

“He was very protective but in a very weird way…even now I don’t even have a number of anybody mwenye naweza fanya nay eye muziki coz he was not allowing me to have physical interaction with anyone or exchange my contacts” she said.


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