Simekha; we don’t know what Raila will announce on 9th December…now, on a more serious note…

Political Analyst Joseph Simekha appeared to dismiss the notion that Raila Odinga’s December 9th announcement holds in store a surprise for Kenyans which will catch people unawares. In a taunting tongue-In-cheek comment, the former InformAction boss ridiculed the eagerness that some people attach to the December 9th Odinga pronouncement.

Simekha was speaking while appearing on Citizen TV’s primetime show Newsnight which was hosted by Waihiga Mwaura. Alongside him was pollster Tom Wolf and former Mukwer-ini member of parliament Kabando wa Kabando.

After his co-panelists spoke about the fact that Raila had still not made his presidential bid official, Simekha responded. He sarcastically mentioned that he didn’t know what Raila Odinga will announce on 9th before curiously saying that he intended to move on to more serious issues. This implied that the December 9th announcement by the ODM boss isn’t serious at all.

It is widely believed that Raila will announce his presidential bid on 9th, and won’t announce anything different from that.

Early this month, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga says he will formally declare his possible presidential candidature on December 9.

Odinga said he was still mobilising support for his Azimio La Umoja slogan which will culminate to the much awaited announcement in a major rally to be held in Nairobi.

Even though he is widely viewed as a serious presidential candidate in the August 2022 presidential election, the former prime minister has not formally declared his candidature.

“I am still traversing the country. I have only been left with Ukambani and some parts of Mt.Kenya but December 9th is when I will declare whether I will go for it or not,” Odinga told a rally in Makongeni on Sunday in the raging campaigns to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta who retires in August 2022 at the end of his second and final term, “I will check whether my soldiers are well prepared or not.”

He said he has been waiting to be sure his supporters are registered as voters, describing them as “my soldiers.”

“I said I don’t want to go to the battle without a team that have the weapons which is an ID and a voters card,” he said and urged more youth to register as voters.

In August , Odinga launched his Azimio la Umoja campaign slogan in Nakuru county which mirrored his call for unity.

The ODM party leader alluded that although his political rivals are boasting of being way ahead when it comes to the 2022 political duel, he is confident that he will have prepared his arsenals before the presidential race.

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