Silence is the best weapon; how Alfred Mutua is transforming from laughing stock to classy

Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua seems to be a good student. After years and years of constantly and continuously attacking former Vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka, not even once has the Wiper Democratic Movement party leader given him a worthy response. Apart from the few times he has mentioned him casually, Kalonzo has largely ignored Mutua.

Mutua successfully employed the same tactic in the days following his divorce, and it appears to be working. His silence paid off, and his supposed adversaries faded back to oblivion after trending for 24 hours.

The sequence of events that began soon after the governor’s divorce unfolded like events off a soap opera.

Immediately after his public and much publicised separation from his spouse, a suggestive photo of Hip-hop artiste Juliani and his ex-partner Lilian surfaced on the internet.

This was followed by an internet buzz about the two being an item.

To date, no one knows who exactly was behind the leak but subsequent happenings later gave a good idea as to who might have been responsible.

The leaking of photos of the two continued, and through all this, governor Mutua kept his cool. Not once did he take time to comment on the issue or even post an insinuating tweet or Facebook update.

Then came the shocker about a week ago. Juliani was seen recording a statement with the police following what he claimed were threats made to his life through a mysterious phone number which his friend, Boniface Mwangi, shared with the public. The person reportedly told Juliani to stop posting photos of himself and “my friend” Lilian Nganga.

Worth noting is that after their separation, Governor Mutua announced that he and Lilian remain friends.

Then the bombshell was dropped just a couple of days later. Through her personal Instagram account, Lilian Nganga confirmed that indeed she and Juliani are together.

Again, through all this, Governor Mutua treated all that was happening like side issues, and not even once did he comment on it.

The new couple, Juliani and Lilian trended for a day, and afterwards, life was back to normal for everyone.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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