Sifuna; we didn’t vote for Raila because of his running mate- we didn’t even trust Kalonzo

It is now coming out that even as the Orange Democratic Movement party and Wiper party drew up a pre-election pact which stated that not only would ODM not front a candidate in 2022, but that they would do so in favour of the Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, this was apparently never the plan on the ODM side.


The Orange Democratic Movement party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has now come out to confess that even as Kalonzo and Raila ran on the same party ticket in 2013 and 2017, they, on the ODM side, were voting for Raila alone, without any consideration for his running mate.


Sifuna was speaking on KTN’s weekly political show Crossfire which was hosted by Sophia Wanuna.

Alongside him was Mathira member of parliament Rigathi Gachagua, and former Tetu legislator, Ndung’u Githinji.

Sifuna was speaking in response to the constant claims by tanga tanga members in general, and Rigathi in particular, that Ruto wasn’t anybody’s appointee, but rather an elected member who was voted by more than 8 million people. That figure has always been an allusion to the people who also voted for the president.
Sifuna made the point that not everyone who votes for a certain presidential candidate, also automatically endorses his running mate.

He said that when they were voting for Raila Odinga in 2017, he would never have put a tick or mark besides his running mate, had this been a requirement. This was because, according to the Secretary General, they don’t trust him following the dealings that they’ve had with him in the past.


He went ahead to specify that a case in point was back in 2007, and what he did after the elections that year. .
Before the 2007 elections, Kalonzo had been in the same party, ODM Kenya, with Raila. However, following a disagreement, each of them chose to run in the elections, Kalonzo doing so on the ODM Kenya party whose leadership he maintained. This move divided their votes, a situation that was further compounded by Kalonzo joining Kibaki’s besieged government, and bolstering it, amidst claims of vote rigging and illegitimacy.

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