Shocking details emerge over Gicheru’s ICC case

Shocking revelations have emerged over lawyer Gicheru’s International Criminal Court (ICC) case days after he surrendered to the ICC that could signal a rebirth of the cases.

Paul Gicheru had presented himself to Dutch police on November 2, 2020, and denied allegations that he tampered with witnesses when he appeared in court on November 6.

Details have emerged that one of eight witnesses which lawyer Paul Gicheru, journalist Walter Barasa and Philip Kipkoech Bett are accused of having bribed to pull out of the ICC case is a survivor of the January 2008 Kiambaa church fire tragedy.

The Kiambaa church fire tragedy survivor woman identified as Witness P- 536 told the International Criminal Court how she saved her brother’s life after hundreds of young warriors with faces daubed in white clay and their leaders wearing bandanas attacked the church.

She narrated to the court how she stripped naked with a view to save her brother after the youth chased him down and shot an arrow into his neck while the church was ablaze.

She also told the court that she watched in horror as a woman was raped and an elderly man struck in the head with an axe.

According to records of International Justice Monitor (IJM), the witness sought refuge in the church after several homes in nearby villages had been burnt down by violent youths.

However, months after her testimony, Witness 536 told the prosecution that she was approached with an offer to withdraw or recant her statement.

The witness is alleged to have been bribed, together with her husband, Sh1.4 million, with the court saying they could have collected the cash in Kampala between May and July 2013.

The shocking revelations frustrated the prosecution’s bid to prosecute DP Ruto and Journalist Sang for crimes against humanity.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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