Shock as Raila criticises Uhuru with his role now boosted following Kega’s debt ceiling plea

Just days after the National Assembly’s Budget and Appropriations Committee chairman Kanini Kega revealed that the government won’t be able to meet its financial obligations unless the debt ceiling is raised, a revelation that drastically increased Raila Odinga’s relevance in the handshake arrangement, the ODM leader has now launched an unexpected assessment of Uhuru.


Probably emboldened by the prominent role he’s expected to play when Uhuru’s government shall attempt to raise the debt ceiling, the ODM leader now appears to be flexing his muscles.

On Wednesday, the National Assembly Budget and Appropriations Committee proposed an upward review of the debt ceiling to enable implementation of this year’s budget.

Committee chair Kanini Kega indicated that by end of March this year the stock of public debt was Ksh7.34 trillion which is 82 per cent of the current Ksh 9 trillion national debt ceiling.

There have been proposals that the country’s debt ceiling be increased to Ksh12 to offer the government room to borrow money to finance development projects.


Worth remembering is that the last time the debt ceiling was raised, the president ran into trouble, with his deputy allegedly having marshalled his troops to reject the proposal. It is claimed that he had to depend on Raila’s members to have the Bill passed.

Following Kanini Kega’s announcement, a similar showdown is expected in parliament, and this greatly increases Raila Odinga’s importance as far as the Bill is concerned.


Interestingly, within this context, the ODM leader made a rare demand of his handshake partner.
Raila challenged the President to make public the reasons for his refusal to appoint all the judges, four of whom were expected to be forwarded to the Court of Appeal, as recommended to him by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

“I challenge the Executive arm of government, to share with the Judiciary and the public the concerns and evidence that led to the rejection of the six,” Raila said.
In a statement on Saturday, Raila said the country deserves an informed debate rather than a shouting match on a matter as critical as the appointment of the judges.


“The people of Kenya deserve to know why the various branches of their government take the positions they do on an issue critical to nation as appointment of judges,” he said.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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