Shock and embarrassment as IEBC selection panel admit they shortlisted a fraudster

The Elizabeth Muli led IEBC selection panel has started off its selection process on a wrong footing which is likely to go a long way in not only discrediting it, but also losing the confidence of millions of Kenyans. This is after it emerged that despite its much publicised shortlisting process which resulted in 36 candidates, they clumsily let through a candidate who had forged papers. This has brought into question what exactly the process itself entailed.


Chairperson Dr Elizabeth Muli said the panel wrote to universities and other agencies to seek authenticity of candidates documents and Kenya Methodist University responded saying Abdalla Mohamed had not obtained a degree from the institution as had been alleged.

This brings into question just how many of the other candidates that weren’t shortlisted missed a spot because of being edged out by candidates presumed to be better due to poor background checks.

Dr. Elizabeth Muli went on to further say,

“On June 28, the selection panel wrote to the Kenya Methodist University seeking verification of Abdalla’s Bachelor’s Degree which he had alleged to have been awarded on July 28, 2007,”

The panel received a feedback from the university on July 1, 2021, confirming that Abdalla was not awarded the degree and was not a student in the university.
“This is to confirm that Abdalla Mohamed was not a student of Kenya Methodist University. The academic certificated BUS-1-206-05 was not issued by Kenya Methodist University and is therefore a forgery,” the university Vice-Chancellor said.

Muli said that they informed Abdalla of the reply from the varsity on July 6 via mail, and he thanked the panel for its correspondence and said he will not appear for the interview.

“The Selection Panel remains committed to ensuring that the persons nominated for appointment to the position of member of the IEBC are persons who are qualified for the position and who meet all the requirements set out in the Constitution and the Law,” Muli said.

Mohamed had been scheduled to appear at 9:30am, but did not show up.

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