Sheila Kwamboka takes a shot at Wyre, claims his music promotes Jamaica more than Kenya

Vybz Radio presenter and former Miss tourism, Sheila Kwamboka has just fired the first salvo in what might very well turn out to be Kenya’s first reggae-themed beef. This is after the reggae-songs station’s presenter went after who can be termed as arguably Kenya’s biggest reggae/ragga dancehall artiste-Wyre.

Sheila, who (perhaps naughtily) began her attack with a disclaimer, saying that she wasn’t trying to throw shade at anyone but just making a point, set things rolling after she played a song by ragga dancehall sensation, Collie Budz, Mamacita.

After the song was over, she said that after Collie Budz rose to fame with his hit song “Come around”, she was shocked to see on the song’s video that the person behind the heavy partois lyrics was a white boy. Her co-star opposed her, saying that reggae is a genre that transcends race and class, and that anybody, regardless of their ethnicity or creed, could be part of it.

Conceding, Sheila Kwamboka said that she had since come a long way from that time, and she now knew better. She said that at the time, she thought reggae music was an exclusive preserve of black people, and didn’t even know about white people who sing reggae music such as Alborosie.

Still on the topic of music and ethnicity, Sheila made it clear that she wasn’t throwing shade at anyone but that whenever foreigners hear or even watch music by Wyre, they don’t praise Kenya for being his country. Instead, they probably gush at how Jamaicans are all over the world, and doing it big.

Luckily, the bashing ended there as her co-host, perhaps looking to change the topic, quickly brought up Gilad, who he referred to as the Israeli guy that sings Kiswahili music, and said that people probably didn’t know he’s not Kenyan.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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