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Shakila shares medical reports and photos confirming she is pregnant after encounter with Eric Omondi

Barely a week after Eric Omondi finished his wife material search naming Carol of Band Beca music group as his chosen wife to be, he has been roped into another pregnancy scandal.

This is after socialite Shakillah took to social media revealing medical reports of her ultra-sound and images confirming that she is 3 weeks and four days pregnant after an encounter with Eric.

Accompanying the report by a photo of the Doctor examining her with Eric Omondi standing nearby Shakillah confirmed that the doctor gave her a clean bill of health.

The self-made socialite participated in the Omondi’s wife material search project where she featured as one of the contestants.

The two lovebirds were captured on camera having quality time while Omondi took the ladies through various challenges in order to pick his best out of them.

The controversial show attracted the wrath of Kenya Films Classifications Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua when Eric announced plans to wed after Carol emerged the winner.

Ezekiel called for the arrest of the fanny man for carrying out the activities during the Covid-19  period and immediate closure of his Lavington studios terming it a brothel.

“So there’s Corona but this fool has been kissing multiple girls and recording these videos in the name of comedy. Another morally bankrupt socialite is recording more videos teaching these young girls how to have sex with Omondi in the devilish mentorship program known as “Mombasa Raha.”

The facility in Lavington that was opened with hype ostensibly as a studio is nothing short of a brothel. It’s a place where girls are being sexually abused and degraded in the name of art.

The fact that women’s rights groups are quiet when this is happening and the police have not arrested the perpetrators of these obvious crimes is evidence of how low we have sunk as a society. By the time we get tired and stop condoning this nonsense the damage will be too bad to repair.

The DCI should immediately move into that brothel in Lavington and arrest the criminals doing these things to our girls in the name of art!” shared Ezekiel Mutua.

The move also saw Omondi’s baby mama Jacque Maribe cheekily take to social in wait for him to finish his wedding first.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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