Shakila explains the reason behind rumours of her having slept with 96 men

One of the most widely told, and also widely believed stories within Kenya’s entertainment circle is that online sensation and rumoured call girl, Shakila, has had sex with 96 men, and that it is something she herself has confessed to.

Yesterday, during a heart to heart interview with Radio Jambo’s Japani Masawe, the socialite opened up on a range of issues, starting from her strained relationship with her father, to her American lover who she says has bought her a 100 million house, and which she has apparently leased out as a B and B.

Shakila was on the issue of slut-shaming and body-shaming, when she spoke on the topic of having slept with 96 men.

She had began to say how horrible and mean people sometimes are to her.

”People can sometimes say really mean things to you. Some body-shame me, making smart ass comments about my pottie. Like just the other day, I cried myself to sleep. Others call me a whore. They ask whether I celebrate Valentine’s day or farmer’s day, and that I should celebrate farmer’s day juu ya vile nimelimwa.”
Masawe interrupted her, asking if she thought that perhaps all this was due to her admitting to having slept with 96 men.

“That’s another thing I need to talk about. This whole misunderstanding came about from an interview I had a while back. The host asked me how many sexual styles I had engaged in, and I said 96, but she thought I said I had been with 96 partners, and since then, that has been the version out there”

She also surprised Masawe and the listeners when she spoke about the disciplinary system which she grew under.

She confessed that she was rarely beaten growing up, and that in her entire life, her father hit her only three times.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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