Senator Anwar Loitiptip remarries months after dramatic break up with Saumu Mbuvi(Screenshot)

Months after their dramatic break up with former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi, Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip has finally re-married.

The Lamu lawmaker is officially off the price tag after settling with his newfound love Aeedah Bambi.

This is after the Senator went viral over the weekend after a Facebook post with the caption “Got married” before his new love later followed with a similar “Got married “post on her timeline too.

Aeedah would later comment on the legislator’s post with a with “Hubby” a confirmation that they were an item. “Husband and Wife”.

Following the new development, curious netizens and doubters were quick to express their disbelief with others going a step to ask for photos to ascertain the same.

“Uongo , Lete Picha za Harusi” commented David Mwangi Senior.

Senator Anwar replied “ @David Mwangi Senior

“Tembea Nyumbani Uone Bibi Harusi live live, Picha Mitandaoni Tunajua Mahatters Wanasubiri Waanze kudiss but Tuko Rada.”

Adding that; “Binadamu ni wale wale bro, wasiwahi kukusoma wacha wafloat kama Maboya”

The two have always been gossiped to be having a thing since the Senator broke up with Saumu.

In the month of march, Saumu wished them well after speculations were rife of the two dating.

“I wish them well… I have beautiful kids to focus on, he is not my focus now…I’m a father and mother to my kids and I’m okay with that.”

Saumu blamed her woes on the senator, complaining that Anwar used and dumped her with his intentions questionable to date.

“Sijui alikuwa na intention gani na mimi?… maana yeye alinitongoza kama rafiki, alikuwa anasema Babako ni Rafiki yangu… sikujua intentions zake ni kunitumia na kuniacha…when I was with him, I was always getting sick , nilienda Hospitali kama mara kumi, after a week or two am in hospital because of physical or emotional torture.” said Saumu.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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