Satan KIMUNYA The one who uproots- Moses Kuria with scathing attacks on Amos Kimunya

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria today set the internet a blaze following his renewed war with the Nationaly assembly Majority leader Amos Kimunya.

Taking to Social media, the vocal Tanga Tanga legislator detailed all manner of negative names with which they use to call satan from the Mt. Kenya region.

In his list while describing how religious his native Kikuyu people are, Kuria included Kimunya’s name thereby giving its meaning .

“Kikuyus are very religious people. You can easily tell from the plethora of names they have given to Satan.

And the most appropriate…..

KIMUNYA (The one who uproots)” Wrote Moses Kuria.

This comes hours after a similar attack was launched on the Kipipiri lawmaker by Kuria terming him lazy in terms of development to the people.

Kuria went ahead to detail how previously the late President Moi pulled out then plans to develop the area for failure to vote his preferred candidate, a thing that stands to date.

“Once upon a time, there was a by-election in Kipipiri constituency in Nyandarua. And Moi.gave a lot of goodies including poles to connect the people to electricity.

When the KANU candidate lost to Mwangi Githiomi of Mwai Kibaki’s DP, Moi went for his goodies including the poles. Taifa Leo captured the moment with the ageless headline ‘KANU yaonja pilipili Kipipiri’ .Kipipiri is still without electricity.

From Kipipiri, Getabushi MCA Hon Githinji Mwaniki is still on my case to donate a transformer to his people after I did the same to Ol Kalou and Ol Jororok which have hard working MPs David Kiaraho and Mike Muchira.

Yet the lazy Kipipiri MP has the audacity to blackmail the gallant people of.Kiambaa.” Moses Kuria continued.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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