Sankale; the judge who went looking for trouble now finds it in dramatic turn of events 

The dramatic events and intrigues surrounding Judge Sankale have enough twists and turns to create a thriller. For the entire duration of yesterday afternoon, he was on the headlines of all major news outlets due to a fix he arguably brought upon himself. Court of Appeal Judge Sankale Ole Kantai was arrested a while back on accusations of being involved in Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen’s murder. It was even sensationally claimed that he had a sexual relationship with Sarah Wairimu, Cohen’s widow. However, the DPP cleared him of all charges. Interestingly, instead of Sankale enjoying his new found freedom, he decided to take matters to a whole different level. 
The Judge vented his anger and embarrassment on the DCI by deciding to sue them. . 
Court of Appeal judge Sankale ole Kantai sued the police boss and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for violation of his rights. 
This step by the judge threatened to reignite the war that had previously existed between DPP Noordin Haji and DCI boss George Kinoti. 
However, in a dramatic turn of events, the tables appear to have been turned on the Judge. 
Through a sleuth identified as John Gachomo, who is a senior assistant Inspector General of Police who is based at the DCI headquarters- the Police Department claimed that Judge Sankale fully participated in the murder.
In a move aimed at proving why DCI believed that Kantai was part of the scheme, Gachomo said that the judge has fraudulently transferred shares of a company that was being run by Cohen from Silas Itas before eventually transferring them to Wairimu.
He said that Cohen could later be killed two days after the fraudulent transfer was discovered.
“Cohen was murdered barely two days after the discovery of the fraudulent transfer involving the petitioner and Wairimu. The discovery of the fraud is the motive of Cohens death,” the documents filed in court read in part. 
The judge is now contemplating moving to court to obtain an order that will block the police from arresting him, arguing that the DCI plans to detain him.  
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