Salim Swaleh’s shocking controversial news; misinformation or missed information?

In this era of fake news and inaccurate information, newsmakers and other influential members of the society have to be extra careful about the kind of information they give to the society.
Ntv’s lead Kiswahili news anchor Salim Swaleh revealed something that will either prove to be an important piece of unknown information hidden from the world for decades, or an unfortunate case of misinformation.

For decades now, ever since 1978 Iranian Revolution, it has been widely reported that women have borne the brunt of the repressive Islamic regime. Women are reported to miss out on many rights, ranging from the most fundamental to the most trivial such as attending sporting events in stadiums, which had been forbidden until just recently.

However, in an interview with comedian Dan Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill this past week, Swaleh surprised viewers by disclosing that not only are women prized and adored in the Persian state, but in fact, quite empowered too, and usually lord it over their men.

He said that, for instance, when a man wants to marry a woman, as a measure of the bride price that the man will pay, the woman stands on a weighing machine, and the man is required to pay a quarter of her weight in form of gold. Meaning, if a man is the suitor of woman weighing 80 Kilograms, then he would have to cough up 20 Kgs of gold.

However, more interesting, Salim disclosed that so in charge of the Iranian households are women, that if a man who normally comes back from work at around 6 in the evening came back two hours earlier, at around 4, then it’s more likely than not that the wife will chase him out and make him find somewhere to while the two hours away until it reaches his normal returning time. This is because, while the man is out fending for the family, the house is considered the woman’s domain and she practices complete authority over it. If the man somehow doesn’t take as long as he usually does out there, then it’s up to him to find somewhere to go, and not infringe on the woman’s territory.

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