Salim Lone

After seeing our former Prime Minister yesterday out and about with President Uhuru Kenyatta in Nairobi and Kajiado counties barely 16 days after being released from COVID hospitalization, I was truly impressed! But of course, I was concerned as well.

For four decades now, I have witnessed a close-up of Raila’s extraordinary resilience even in the face of great adversity, including after his critical surgery to relieve pressure around his brain in 2010. But COVID is no ordinary illness, and as we know, is particularly malevolent for the elderly, the group which has succumbed all too heavily to it. That Raila was out visiting projects was a huge tribute to his body’s continuing capacity to recover from COVID.

But of course, I wanted to talk to Raila, even though aides told me that he was recovering well, I was glad I called! It put to rest any worries I had. He was in excellent spirits and I could tell from the sounds at his end that he was surrounded by family and friends and participating in animated discussions. It was quite reinvigorating finding him as well he was so soon after having contracted Covid.

But I did appeal to him to not jeopardize his health by too early a return to work. He is much loved, indeed no other leader enjoys his level of passion, cross-national support. His army of supporters will happily bear not to see him in action for a while for the greater good that Kenyans are waiting for.

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    Written by The Kenyan Report




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