Ruto Put On The Spot As Bungoma Residents Demand That He Addresses The Recent Fuel Hike

On his way to Sirisia constituency after hosting his supporters from Bungoma county at his Sugoi home in Uasin Gishu County today on September 17th, Deputy President William Ruto made a brief stop at Dinah junction in Webuye to address Bungoma residents and drum up support for the UDA party in preparation for 2022.

The brief stop attracted quite a multitude as hundreds converged around his motorcade to listen to him and his allies, something which subsequently brought traffic in the town and on the busy Webuye-Malaba, Webuye-Kitale highways to a standstill.

Then while addressing those residents, the DP recited his popular story of how the Jubilee administration had its focus on the Big 4 Agenda “which was to transform this country only for the same priority to be replaced by the constitutional amendment quest brought by those who were invited in the Government” through handshake.

He then added that those who say that he’s inciting the less privileged people or rather hustlers in Kenya by pushing the hustler narrative have got everything wrong and need to realize that Kenya is for everyone and not just a few elites.

He even warned Raila that thrashing “hustlers” will only teach him a lesson the hard way and the same won’t take long but rather will in fact happen in this coming election.

As usual, he had a thing in store for his listeners or rather traders who run their businesses at the Dinah junction and didn’t take long before revealing what he had carried for them.

“I asked your MP, Dan Wanyama to write for me the names of mama mbogas and those other people that run their businesses at this junction and he did a good job. He gave me a list of 300 “hustlers” and I’ve got something for them.

I have one million shillings for them which means three thousand shillings for everyone. This will just be a booster to your stock and things will even be better next year should we take over the leadership of this country because one hundred million shillings will be set aside annually for the same in each constituency,” he said.

But as he was saying this, dozens of those who had converged around his motorcade were demanding him to address the high fuel prices which have made the hustles of many bodaboda riders in the country difficult to run.

Even the one million shilling announcement didn’t make a huge difference because they went on demanding him to address the issue. He ignored them and went ahead to invite Hon. Dan Wanyama to deliver his remarks.

The MP on the other hand also received a cold reception as the residents chanted “mafuta, Mafuta” when he took the microphone to speak.

Upon realizing that he may not have it easy, the MP opted for a song and went on singing one gospel song to control the crowd. Luckily for him, it worked.

This time around, the MP had no option but to talk or rather touch on the matter. He then specifically addressed or rather blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partners over the high fuel prices.

That “dear President Uhuru Kenyatta and your handshake friends, please know that hustlers are people too. Starting tomorrow, let the fuel prices be have been reduced because they are making the lives of our bodaboda riders difficult.”

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    Written by KDB

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