Ruto goes into uncharted territory- attacks founding fathers over sessional paper 10

Deputy President William Ruto is without doubt a daring politician who will not shy away from a challenge, and has never walked away from a fight. He will stand up to anyone he feels is unfairly standing in his way, and in fact, his rise to Rift Valley supremacy was marked by his courageous and unprecedented challenge of former President, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.


However, recently, the DP ventured into sacred territory, something that might be considered having gone a tad too far even by his allies, after he seemed to lambast the founding fathers for their adoption of the famous sessional paper 10 of 1965.


The DP was speaking on Radio Citizen’s morning show which interviewed him from his Karen residence in an hour long conversation on Thursday.


He was explaining to Citizen’s Vincent Ateya his bottoms up economic model, and how it is possible to create economic development by empowering the poor so that their financial growth impacts the entire community including the rich in a trajectory that starts down surging upwards.


He then said that we find ourselves in the present day economic quagmire of failed trickle down effect policies that advocate for empowering the rich with hopes that their success will trickle down to the rest because of the founding fathers who adopted this poor strategy in the sessional paper 10 of 1965.


The Sessional paper No. 10 of 1965 on African socialism and its application to planning in Kenya is a policy that ensured the country’s wealth would remain in the productive areas, which include the former white highlands and those covered by early registration under. It asserted that to make the economy grow as fast as possible, development funds would be invested where it would yield the largest increase in net output. This approach clearly favoured the development of areas endowed with natural resources, good land and rainfall, transport and power facilities while areas without such facilities continued to lag behind.[0]=AT0nXU9wtI1ZKf_lgp6ltFu39B-wx745r6rFhNZJbNxKGQUtEJ7zK66FWHfa5e0ZuiGl_KaKuVTAElLLGdOuB4SFRXkwM3Inx5Rn_-Jveb0I0WnzW8F0BgT37xDJXqtdYgsQeHhAtU3ueE8zo4eKhq6ro7gjrryeFR8ioaR2TDN6yfI

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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