Ruto advises opponents to forget Uhuru endorsement like him, sparking rumours of a union against president.

Even as the row between Ruto and Raila seems to get uglier by the day, the DP’s lastest statement has once again raised hopes of the possibility of an alliance between the two bitter rivals.

Although William Ruto has doubled down on his attacks against those in his rival camp, and stepped up pressure among his supporters to reject the BBI proposed constitutional changes, he made a curious statement that seemed to allude to a change in tact.

Speaking on Saturday in Kwale during his three day visit of the area, he wondered what those from the opposition, who were supporting Uhuru, were thinking in their belief that Uhuru was going to support them in their 2022 bid. He went on, implying that he had supported the president in 2002, 2013 and 2017, yet he had not gotten an endorsement so his opponents must be dreaming if they expect to get the president’s backing, yet they opposed him in 2002, 2013 and 2017.

This comment appeared to be more targeted at Mr. Raila Odinga who has, on three occasions, opposed Mr. Kenyatta’s bid. The DP then went on to suggest that the best way to attain the presidency was for everyone to forget about the president’s endorsement, and concentrate on the mwananchi, as he carries the ultimate endorsement.

This pronouncement is bound to cause curiosity as to what exactly the DP was implying when he spoke of them sharing a single destiny after their support for Uhuru.
Before their acrimonious falling out, Ruto and Raila were both in ODM, and so was Musalia Mudavadi.

Both Musalia and Ruto left KANU to join Odinga’s ODM. Mudavadi left KANU much earlier, although he was by then a private citizen, having lost his parliamentary seat in the 2002 elections. Ruto, on the other hand, joined ODM after resigning as Secretary Genaral of KANU.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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