Rude David Ndii tells blind Rueben Kigame to go read an online magazine during clash

Top economist and advisor to the Deputy President’s campaign team David Ndii got smart with Rueben Kigame who is visually impaired. While it’s a known fact that blind people have to use their sense of touch in order to read through Braille, the economist dismissively told Mr. Kigame to go read The Elephant, which happens to be an online publication.

This all went down after Kigame tweeted Ndii, expressing his disappointment with him in supporting corrupt politicians. He wrote,

Every single day I read most of your tweets with utter shock. You pretend to want a better country but your tweets celebrate thieves and citizens who should be in jail. By trooping behind and endlessly celebrating those who have destroyed our country, you betray Justice.

In a smart-a*s response from the outspoken economist who clearly seemed miffed by Kigame who has declared interest in the presidency, he told Kigame to go and read the Elephant. It is worth noting that The Elephant is an online publication associated with Ndii himself.

He wrote,

David Ndii
“Corruption is a sine qua non of the post-colonial African State. Its unwritten law is that it is legitimate to rob the civic public in order to strengthen the primordial public.” Read more at:… The Elephant – Speaking truth to power.

Gospel musician Reuben Kigame launched his presidential campaign in Eldoret early this month.
He insisted he will vie for the top seat next year through the Federal Party Kenya and would prioritise the fight against graft and land grabbing if elected.

Kigame said although he lives with blindness as a disability, he has capacity to offer value based leadership. An instrumental quality required to uplift the lives of Kenyans including his fellow artists who have been denied their rightful gains through corruption.

He said he would roll out a national campaign to sell his agenda to Kenyans just like other presidential aspirants.

The singer met with boda boda riders and traders on Sunday as he campaigned through Kenya Service, KCC, Kao la Amani and Sukunanga estates in Eldoret.

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