Royal Media’s SK Macharia in property row with grandson 3 years after father’s death

Royal media services chairman Samuel Kamau Macharia has found himself in a tight situation after being involved in a Sh1.2 billion property case with his grandson over the administration of his son’s estate.

Reports from the lawsuit papers indicate that the property at the center of the feud is valued at 1.2 billion, and currently under Macharia’s administration.

This is after his only grandson Adam Kamau Macharia, moved to court in May last year seeking to stop his administrator grandfather from evicting him from their Loresho home.

Adam Kamau is Macharia’s grandson from his deceased son  John Gichia Macharia who passed on in a road accident nearly 3 years ago in 2018.

“The grant of letters of administration was issued on April 5 2019, to Dr Samuel Kamau Macharia and Serah Njeri Macharia, being the parents of the deceased,” court papers read.

“But it is on record that Serah had filed a notice of withdrawal, hence, the risk of leaving only one administrator of the state to SK Macharia who is not a dependent of the estate herein.”

Adam through his lawyer Peter Munge argues that he was a minor by the time time the administration was handed to his grandfather, but he is now an adult.

“The applicant, Adam Kamau Macharia, is a son and the only child to the deceased, and hence the sole dependent of the Estate herein, whereas Dr SK Macharia is the father of the deceased and he is not a dependent of the estate,” the documents read.

The grandchild claims that his father was the sole shareholder in his company AKM Investment Ltd, which he says is named using his initials Adam Kamau Macharia.

John was also a  major shareholder in Directline Assurance Company where he was the executive director.

He adds that SK had taken full control of the business without his consultation or informing any member of the family.

“There is an imminent risk of his grandfather through third parties evicting him and his mother from the said house,” the documents read.

He had therefore asked the court to bar Macharia or his representatives from evicting or threatening in any way his use and enjoyment of the house in Loresho.

“At the time of my father’s demise, he was residing at the Loresho property and I still reside therein to date with my mother, Lisa Anyango Amenya,” he said

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    Written by Fred Orido




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